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hi, I'm paige, I make stuff

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My 3rd Discord bot, written in Clojure on JDA. As with all my other bots, I wrote this one to teach myself the language it's written in.

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AdHoc Launch:

Uses netsh to create private Wi-Fi networks (this became a much simpler process in Windows 10 via the "mobile hotspot" option, but this is still nice for older systems).
One of the first actually useful programs I made!

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A game made in 48 hours for my first college programming class's final project (Dec 2016). Written very shortly after I had brain surgery. Inspired by the Gradius arcade game. Turned out great!

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My Cookbook:

A collection of recipes I make often. Cooking is wonderful but I can never remember what I know how to make. Kept simple and adjustable to your tastes. Having a cookbook is good both for me and whoever I'm trying to share recipes with.